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Ocean Park Hong Kong is the most famous theme park in Hong Kong. This place was opened since January 1977. The number of visitors is higher than Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s located in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island. Public can reach there by taxi or CityBus. The main mascot is sea lion named Whiskers (or known as Wai Wai in Chinese). There are so many side activities you can do in here, such as dining and shopping.

The Park opens at 10am and close at 6pm. The admission rates is HK$208 for adult and HK$103 for child.

I think it is enough with my short brief about Ocean Park. My conclusion, this is one of the places you must visit when you had a trip to Hong Kong. Have fun!

Welcome to Ocean Park Hong Kong!

Raging River. Woah, this place reminds me about ‘Roller Coaster Tycoon’ game.

Raging River. Wheeeee!!! Dang wet weh!!!

Raging River. Closer look of the water guns.

Pacific Pier, the highest place in Ocean Park. This is the place where you can see the seals and sea lions.

The main entrance of Ocean Park.

Christmas display decorated near to the main entrance.

Hot air balloon at Sky Fair.

Few English guys are playing instruments for the street performance.

Ocean Park viewed from high-angle. The park is very green!

Mine Train. The track length is about 678 meters. The highest point is 85 meters above the sea level.

Mine Train. I was in this picture. Do you know which one is me?

Ferris Wheel.

Do you want to feel the power of G-force when losing altitudes in high speed but with less risk? The Abyss Turbo Drop is the best solution for you. You can feel the thrill of free fall from 185 feet.

The Dragon. This is the best roller coaster in Hong Kong. The track length is about 842 meter.

The Dragon’s roller coaster track.

Golden Fried Chicken.

Raging River Squid. The ‘sotong bakar’ is super nice and tasty. The price is not that expensive.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat. There are about 4 pandas over here. All the Giant Pandas are from China.

The Panda look so cute. This panda age less than 5 years old.

The Cable Cars is the main transport to connect from the Lowlands to the Headlands.

There are many constructions to upgrade the theme park still going on.

The mountain separates the Lowlands and Headlands.

This is the bus stop at Cental Ferry Piers to Ocean Park. The route code is ‘629’ by CityBus. Time: 0935, 0955, 1015, 1035, 1055 (last bus). The rate is $10.60 for adult. Don’t forget to bring your Octopus Card.

I miss the last bus. So, I took taxi to Ocean Park.

Ocean Park.

Full Size Ocean Park Guide Map

Ocean Park Map. (Powered by Wikimapia @ Google Earth)


Ocean Park
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Ocean Park theme park viewed from Ocean Park Tower.

Mine Train
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Not my voice. Since my mouth already kena zipped.

The Dragon
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My voice is not there also. Hahaha.

*As you notice, there are two type of photos quality in this post. It’s due to I was using two different type of cameras. Errr, I think it is the time for me to buy a new DSLR camera.

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49 thoughts on “Hong Kong – Ocean Park

  1. @panda: Hahaha, at first I also thought like that. Because from outside, that place look very boring and abit zoo. Actually not, this theme park is much better than Sentosa and Genting.

  2. omg! i wanna ride those roller coasters!

    with that much roller coasters and other rides, of course the visitors are more than HK disneyland!

    HK disneyland sucks. the only thing i enjoy at there is that 3D theater thingy. :(

    can sunway lagoon beat this theme park? 😛

  3. reading this post reminded me of my HK trip again .. when my kids went for this raging river, they came out all wet.. haha.. but the weather shield jacket helped a lot! thank goodness..

  4. @Hello sirei/rei: Beside HK Disneyland, you have been to Ocean Park also? About the 3D theater, I think Sentosa Singapore also have. They call it as 4D. Hmm, I don’t think Sunway theme park can beat Ocean Park, because the space in Sunway is very limited.

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  6. wah, kami juga berencana ke hk, so pasti akan kesini. Saya mau tanya, apakah harga tiket masuk, sudah termasuk harga untuk enjoy permainannya? atau masih harus bayar untuk setiap permainan? kalau iya, kira kira berapa per jenisnya? thanks ya

  7. @evi: Hello there. Ticket masuk untuk dewasa adalah HK$208 dan HK$103 pula untuk kanak-kanak. Harga itu sudah termasuk kesemua permainannya. Kamu tidak perlu bayar untuk setiap permainan. Just bayar ticket masuk sahaja =)

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