I Believe I Can Touch The Sky

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG / VHHH).

Very beautiful sunrise only can be seen from the aircraft.

The sun almost reached the horizon.

Finally, the sun reached the horizon.

Langkawi International Airport (LGK / WMKL). This is my fourth times travel with Air Asia.

Air travel with Cathay Pacific from Malaysia to Hong Kong is finally arrived the destination. This picture was taken from the personal on-board TV.

Saudi Arabian Airlines. This is my flight when I was on the trip to Saudi Arabia.

The Palm Dubai seen from high altitude.

View from high altitude. The sky’s color varies from pale to dark.

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37 thoughts on “I Believe I Can Touch The Sky

  1. Wow.. long time no see and your blog is as interesting as before.. Wait.. even nicer because there are beautiful photos of the sky.. ;D

    I wanna fly too! 😀

  2. Hahah thanks for the comment in my blog. Well, I don’t know what is it called. Horiver sounds good to me =P ahah.

    Anyways, the photos are indeed nice! You travel around?

  3. i think i have only sat like 3 times with air asia. not convenient for people who stay in kl coz the lcct is so far away from my house.

    RYC: i can calculate for u if u don’t mind. u can send me ur birthday and year to my email add.

  4. @renaye: Yeah, LCCT is quite far. Some more don’t have a proper public transport such as monorail. Go there with taxi or limousine for sure is super expensive and almost the cost of local flight ticket.

  5. 1 month, thats awfully long man! went there for work? I have never been to that part of the world yet, the closest i get to go is transit in Dubai Airport, hopefully i get the chance to go there one day.

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