Masjid al-Haram is under construction

Masjid al-Haram (Masjidil Haram / Al-Masjid al-Haram) is the most important place for Muslims. It is the largest mosque in the world and also known as the Grand Mosque. The second largest mosque is Masjid al-Nabawi and it is located in Medina. Masjid al-Haram is located in the city of Mecca (Makkah) Al Mukharamah, Saudi Arabia. Makkah is a Haram area, where the non-Muslims are not allowed to enter this area. Masjid al-Haram was built surrounds the Kaaba (Kaabah). Kaaba is a Qiblat (Qibla or Kiblah) for Muslims. The Qiblat is a center point of direction for Muslims. All Muslims around the world must facing toward Qiblat during the Solat (prayer). The Grand Mosque can accommodate up to four million people at one time.

Lately, the demand was increasing drastically because Islamic population getting bigger. The current size is very limited and not enough to fulfill the current demand. That’s why there is a quota to control the number of travelers from every country especially during the Hajj season and Ramadan season. The Saudi government is doing something to solve the problem.

Currently there is a mega construction to extend the mosque. This is a fourth extension which began in 2007. In the future, Masjid al-Haram can support more people from all around the world. The overcrowded problem is very dangerous to the travelers. According to the statistic, at least 2400 Muslim pilgrims have been killed in stampede since 1990. I hope with a bigger mosque, it can solve many problems.

The Kaaba.

Not far from Abdul Aziz Gate which is located on the east.

Marwah (Al-Marwah) is a small mountain. It is located 91m from the Kaabah.

Al-Safa and Al-Marwah. This is where the people perform Sa’ee (Sa’i).

The distance between Safa and Marwah is around 450 meters.

Al-Marwah and Fatah Gate.

So many people are walking toward the Masjid al-Haram at the construction area. Where’s the safety?

This is Marwah viewed from the Fatah Gate.

The construction was going on at As-Salaam Gate.

The city of Mecca.

One of the buildings collapsed by the C4 bomb. The crazy thing, it happened less than 200 meters from the crowds without proper safety. This was my first time witness a tall building collapsed. Auchh, the dust.

Auchh, the traffic.

On the background, you can see Abraj Al-Bait Tower. The building is still under-construction. It will be the world’s largest building. The architecture design is wonderful.

She’ab Amer Tunnel.

She’ab Amer Tunnel.

Inside the She’ab Amer Tunnel.

This place was so scary because there is no safety.

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5 thoughts on “Masjid al-Haram is under construction

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  2. September 10, 2011
    1. HRH Prince Khalid Al Faisal
    Governor of Makkah
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    2. HRH Prince Abdull Aziz Bin Majed
    Governor of Madinah
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    It is regrettable that the Masajid and other public buildings in Islamic countries depict Masonic symbols. Nimrod/Pharaoh/Queen Semiramas practiced Polytheism by treating various objects in the universe as gods/goddesses, associating each with different attributes, and by seeking their guidance in life and by soliciting, when facing difficult situations, their help. Such beliefs/practices evolved, with the passage of time, into Masonic secular codes of capitalism, gradually popularised in the name of art and culture. The examples of such symbols/codes are Compass, Set Square, Pyramid, Union Jack/Sex Act, Crescent, Stars, Eagle, Goat, Lion, Obelisk, Beast etc (copy attached 5 pages) most of which can, regrettably and unfortunately, be found emblazoned at prominent places in the Masjid-Ul-Nabvi and the Masjid-Ul-Haram.

    Moon is a Masonic symbol which stood, in ancient Egypt, for growth and prosperity and became, in the Christian era, an emblem of the Virgin Mary. A careful study of history would, thus, reveal that the astrological signs/symbols reflect anti Islamic beliefs which view is supported by the worship, as a god, of the Moon done in the past by the Greeks and practiced at present by the Hindus (Somnat ka Mander).
    The Masonic anti-religion forces have now disguised themselves as devotees of the renowned artists Michael Angelo and Raphael with intent, through the representation of their art, to deviate the believers, in the name of fascination with art, from the right path.

    The master planner of recent extension in the two holy mosques appears, in the same vein, to have employed, in the new construction, the metonym codes of figure ‘3’, representing trinity, and of figure ‘8’, representing the sex act, as and the shapes of triangle and square as design codes. It need not be emphasised that triangle and square represent polytheistic ideology and are not only clearly visible in the pre-Islamic era ruins of Madain Saleh and Petra but also are depicted in, respectively, the side and aerial view of the pyramids of pharaohs.

    While the extended holy mosques appear, thus, to have accommodated, to the maximum, Masonic and secular images in the decoration of walls, pillars, arches and ceilings etc, the circle, representing the TAWAF-UL-KAABA and the rectangle, representing the SAEE-UL-SAFA-MARWA appear unfortunately to have been altogether ignored.

    The un-holiest of all phenomena has, however, been reserved for the doors whose designs depict, upward and downward, a continuous Masonic symbol (copy attached 5 pages).
    Besides, the name of Allah and Muhammad are engraved in the medallion fixed in the centre of both the door leafs. Consequently, when a door opens, the sacred name gets split into two, an unimaginably bad omen. No one need be reminded, in this context, that a powerful king had had the temerity to tear off the prophet’s letter whereupon his kingdom had, in a few years, melted into thin air, disappearing from the face of globe.

    Since the foregoing employment in the two holy mosques of the Masonic/secular symbols, with total omission there-from of any Islamic signs/symbols, appears to be motivated to create, in the Ummah, disaffection and hatred towards the House of Saud, the why, how and by whom of such actions needs to be thoroughly investigated.

    It is, therefore, proposed that an investigation commission be set up out of prominent scholars and architects from the Muslim world so that the matter is thoroughly thrashed out and the requisite corrections effected to preserve the peace, harmony and unity of the Muslim Ummah.

    With profound regards,

    (Syes Ammar Bukhari)
    Society Architect
    Cell: +92-321-2345617

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