My Simple Trip to Malacca

Eyes on Melaka (Ferris Wheel).

The Eyes on Melaka Ferris Wheel is very small compare to Eyes on Malaysia Ferris Wheel.

Jambatan Terminal Cathay.

The old building was built many years ago along the Malacca River.

The rescue team is preparing to find the dead body that is fall into the river roughly around one hour ago.

Let’s go!

The crowds waiting patiently at the Chan Koon Cheng Bridge to watch the rescue team finds the dead body.

Eyes on Malaysia, Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur

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14 thoughts on “My Simple Trip to Malacca

  1. wow, that is quite tragic.

    btw, just fyi, the malaysia eye will be going to malacca – to be ready sometime in oct. maybe a good chance for you to visit the city again :)

  2. huh..?! my hometown’s eye on Malacca I haven go yet.
    the Jambatan Terminal Cathay….so long didnt go d….
    last visit there was wen im 15/16 years old…
    ur blog makes me home sick!! T_T
    anyway,very nice pics you have there!!

  3. my house is somewhere near the stadhuys. ^_^
    now im in penang for studies..
    sg melaka of cz now very clean d.
    heard the malacca state authorities spend a lot of money in beautifying the river..

  4. @candice: your house at town there?

    @elia: slalu takder camera..doesn’t mean takder langsung =)

    @mizx: if u go to melaka now..sure you will feel’s totally different than last time =)

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