Shopping Heaven in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the ultimate shopping heavens in Asia. This place is really fantastic to spend half of your saving money to update your fashion, especially on branded stuff. So, be make sure you prepare tons of cash just for shopping before you go to Hong Kong. If not, you will regret later!

First to go, of course is LV!!!

Wait a minute, the queue is very long.

Why not we walk a bit to check the other stores?

Emporio Armani also not bad.

Miu Miu.

Gucci also in gold color.

Nike Store looks very energetic.

Very colorful concept at Causeway Bay.


LV. The queue is still long!

Hugo Boss.


Have you heard about MaBelle? If you don’t know, please watch “Gem of Life (TVB)”.

Dior. Peoples are waiting to across the road.

Omega!!! They sell very high quality watches.

Gucci in blue.

Entrance of Harbour City.

Food Republic in Hong Kong.


LV. Just go queue only lah!


The environment.

Another LV store.



Armani Exchange at Canton Road.

This is me with a cheap camera.

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20 thoughts on “Shopping Heaven in Hong Kong

  1. @renaye
    when is your last time u went there?

    at least you bankrupt to something you like =)

    thanks for your support..go there on christmas..very nice 1

    you pakai dslr? about money? that 1 u can borrow from ahlong… =)

  2. Tolanic, what a tempting entry! I’m going to HK this September, I started to worry I will run out of sufficient cash to pay for my meal. >.< I planned to spend in HK Disneyland, not those branded stuff lo. *grin*

  3. Hello RollingFumblingThung,

    The foods in Hong Kong are much more expensive than in London. You are going to stay at which part of Hong Kong? And for how many days? I haven’t been to HK Disneyland yet, but I went to another theme park which is Ocean Park. Very nice and worth to visit! Another thing, the best is to avoid Ladies Street. Many fake products over there and sell at higher price. =)

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