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Bandung is a city in West Java, Indonesia. Well known for its many shopping malls, factory outlets, universities, denim jeans industry, textile industry, distros and roadside cafes. Located 768 m (2,520 ft) above sea level. Due to its elevation, the climate in Bandung is cooler than most Indonesian cities and can be classified as humid; the average temperature is 23.6 °C (74.5 °F) throughout the year. This city is surrounded by volcanic mountains. Bandung is located about 1,252 km from KLIA, Malaysia. The return-flight ticket fare for Kuala Lumpur-Bandung is around RM 544 with AirAsia. Bandung is the second biggest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. The population is around 3 millions. You can imagine how crowded the city is.

The worst thing I don’t like about Bandung is the traffic. The roads in Bandung are very small to support the 3 millions populations’ makes the traffic become very havoc. Most of them ignore the road safety and law. Traffic light is totally useless. Most of the drivers drive very aggressive. Believe it or not, this city is polluted with honk sound which is roughly at least 10 honks per minute.

There are tons of Factory Outlets in Jalan Dago (Dago Street). This is one of it. The price is quite cheap. I bought three good quality t-shirts from this shop with less than RM50.

Do not forget to try the most popular cake in Bandung called Brownies Kukus (Steamed Chocolate Brownies). The cake is light and spongy on the top part with thick creamy layer of chocolate on the bottom. Lezat sungguh! The taste is awesome! The price is somewhere around Rp 22000 (RM 7.60) per box. You can find it almost every corner of Bandung’s streets, especially hawkers and stalls. You should give a try! I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Every factory outlet has unique exterior and interior design.

Jalan Dago not crowded as other places in Bandung.

Here also got sell Brownies Kukus!

The green van called Angkot is the most famous public transport in Bandung. Bandung doesn’t have the normal bus system due too this city is very crowded and the road is very small. When you reach the destination, do not forget to shout ‘kiri’ (Left). It is a request for the driver to stop-and-drop you.

Another factory outlet!

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The traffic is havoc at Cihampelas Street even during the midnight. You want to wait until the traffic is clear to cross the road safely? Impossible! At least, not in Bandung! Heavy traffic is continuously until few more hours.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
Midnight atmosphere at Cihampelas Street.

* Sorry about the photos quality is very bad. I forgot to bring the DSLR. So, I just use the cheap compact camera.

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26 thoughts on “Shopping in Bandung

  1. @sirei/rei: Factory Outlets at Jalan Dago is very comfortable for shopping. But not at Jalan Cihampelas. You wanna try the brownies? Wait until I go there again. If you cannot wait, you can go there yourself. The flight ticket is very cheap! =)

  2. Oohh…can’t wait to go to Bandung this coming 30 July. Ultraman pun ada?My son sure excited to see the ultraman. Where do u stay in Bandung?

  3. @Ida: Last time I stayed at Jalan Cihampelas. Just few minutes walk from the happening area. Ehh, kids nowadays also know Ultraman? Btw, have fun ya. =)

  4. Hello,I found this page by google for Bandung Trip. I am interedted to visit indonisia and I think Bandung is not bad for you said there are so many mall for shopping.hehe,oh well, I am from thailand.and I think you ,the woner blog is Malaysian,right? nice to found your blog. :)

  5. @Rusnee: Hello. Sorry for extremely late reply. Yeap, there are many mall for shopping especially factory outlets. Yeap, I’m from Malaysia. Nice to know you. I’ve never been to Phuket before. Maybe you can guide me in the future. =)

  6. I am planning to go to Bandung in August and will stay at hotel Grand setiabudi & apartment its located near to the shopping mall which u recommended? Are u joining the local travel to Tangkuban perahu or going there by own arrangement yourself? Can you give me some advice?

  7. Hello Ms Lim. I did pay for a driver to bring us to go to Tangkuban Perahu. I forgot how much is it but not that pricey. The hotel that you are planning to stay is not far from Cihampelas. You can take the green van (mini bus). I suggest you to avoid taking the taxi because they might cheat you on the rate especially if you are a first-timer in Bandung.

    Happy traveling! =)

  8. To Tangkuban perahu do i have to stay overnihgt or i can only go only for day trip? i want to go there for 4days 3 night trip. any recommention on place to visit.Thank you

  9. @Ms Lim: You don’t need to stay overnight at Tangkuban Perahu. The trip just took less than 1 hour from the city. Your 4 days 3 nights trip are only in Bandung?

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