Singapore – Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island (formerly known as Pulau Belakang Mati) is located in the south of Singapore. It’s the most popular resort and theme park in Singapore. You can go there either by bus or cable car. Sentosa Island is a place where you can have exciting outdoor and indoor activities with friends and family.

It’s also a nice place for honeymoon because there are three wonderful beaches in Sentosa Island which are Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach. Palawan Beach is the place where a suspension bridge links to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia (Asia’s closest point to the Equator). Sentosa Island has the biggest war museum in the South East Asia. It is the centerpiece of Britain’s spectacularly unsuccessful “Fortress Singapore” strategy in World War II. Sentosa Island also has an Underwater World where the oceanarium is home to more than 2,500 fishes from 250 different species. There are too many other attractions to list up.

I can bet that you will have an unforgettable traveling experience. It’s worth for you to spend the whole day for enjoyment. Have a nice holiday!

Sentosa Island.

Sunset at Siloso Beach.

Tiger Sky Tower is where you can view the Sentosa Island by 360 degrees.

Skyride is where you can observe the power of the Green energy. The route is surrounded by the tropical trees.

During sunset.

Peoples are waiting to enter the laser show.

English couple is waiting and ready to take off.

Dang oldskool! Very 40’s!!!

Black and White television! Auchh, what the fish!

This is the place where the soldiers stayed during WorldWar2.

A high-rank officer is monitoring his crew members.

Watch tower.

Dang sweaty!

A signboard of Siloso Beach.

Delifrance in Sentosa Island.

Sunset created a beautiful silhouette of the tropical trees.


The air is heavy populated cause of heavy industrial in southern part of Singapore.

Singapore city is on the north.

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31 thoughts on “Singapore – Sentosa Island

  1. @cHrIstInA_YY: Hahaha, when you want to go to Singapore? They called it as “Pulau Belakang Mati” is due to they put the wrong heavy artillery facing the south. Actually, the enemy (Japanese) attacks them from the North which is from Malaysia and not from the sea. Another failure tactics by Allied during the WorldWar2.

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  3. Hey,

    I’m sure each one of you had a blast at sentosa.

    I work at a firm that does mystery shopping for retail brands and theme parks.We regularly conduct audits in Sentosa. we would like to give anyone interested an opportunity to give us a feedback of their experience at Sentosa. For the feedback you provide you get paid. Kindly write to me if you are interested for more information.

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  5. i had visited sentosa on 16 july 2012 and met with an accident while takings a ride on seguay and broken my hip joint .T o my horror i found that there was absolutely no medical facility available and i had great trouble even reaching to the cab which i had to avail to go to the hotel.I had expected to have much better infrastructure ina developed country like singapore

  6. we will be visiting here soon with our one year old daughter.

    We will be visiting from Chicago (hope it is not too hot there) – we are used to cooler temps. I was bit worried if young ones have any thing to enjoy in Sentosa. But after viewing the pics – I found it is great place.

    I really appreciate your effort in writing this blog. Thanks

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