Airshow at Subang

Today I went to Subang Airport to watch RMAF Sukhoi and USAF Thunderbirds Air Show 2009. I reached there about 2 hours early to avoid the mass traffic jam. The event started at 11am. I’m a bit disappointed because only 1 Sukhoi is performed. It will be much better if the Thunderbirds team used the colorful smoke instead of colorless smoke to make it more attractive. The air show ended at 12.15pm.

USAF Thunderbids.

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Manchester United vs Malaysia XI (2-0)

Last night my brother, cousins and I went to Bukit Jalil Stadium to watch the football match between Malaysia XI and Manchester United. We bought the ticket at the Green Gate about RM58 each. This can consider quite cheap if compare to the first game on last Saturday evening. The spectator on second game is less than the first game. Roughly is about 40, 000 fans. Maybe it was due to this game was held on weekday which is on Monday. Working day for sure! I’m a bit disappointed to Malaysian team. I don’t mind weither we lose or not. As long we can score one goal should be more than enough for me. I do feel the Saturday’s is game much better than this. Overall, I see a lot of improvement on team Malaysia, especially the junior’s line-up. Good game, guys!

*Sorry, the photos are super poor due to I was using a compact camera.

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Shopping Heaven in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the ultimate shopping heavens in Asia. This place is really fantastic to spend half of your saving money to update your fashion, especially on branded stuff. So, be make sure you prepare tons of cash just for shopping before you go to Hong Kong. If not, you will regret later!

First to go, of course is LV!!!

Wait a minute, the queue is very long.

Why not we walk a bit to check the other stores?

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Solar Eclipse 2009

I’m really disappointed. I already waited since 03.30pm at Syuen Hotel Ipoh just want to watch solar eclipse (the peak is around 04.30pm). Suddenly the sky turns very dark and cloudy around 04.00pm. I still wait patiently eventhough there is no hope to see the sun. Finally, I saw something interesting few minutes before the end of solar eclipse around 6.50pm. The rainbow something like aurora appeared from the edge of the cloud. The sun is right behind on that cloud. The rainbow is moving like a gas. I got a chance to take few photos and a video. At least I saw something interesting even with the bad weather. So, it’s worth for me to wait few hours. I hope you enjoy.

Close-up view of the aurora. It’s very colorful like a rainbow.

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