The Peak Hong Kong (Victoria Peak)

Beautiful night scenery views of Hong Kong’s city from The Peak.

The Peak Tower.

The Peak Tower views from the sky terrace.

EA Experience. A virtual world and store for gamers.

Indoor Christmas theme decorated in The Peak during the Christmas season.

Have you heard about Bubba Gump? This is very famous quote taken from the movie “Forest Gump” during 90’s. They sell the shrimp too!!!

The Tram at The Peak.

Interior of The Peak Tower.

Bruce Lee is still alive!

Hallo everybody!

Rejected Photos:

Bus to The Peak.

Bus to The Peak.

The Peak Galleria.


Location: The Peak, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Date: December 28, 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 06.40pm – 08.30pm
Camera: Fujifilm S7000 and Canon Ixus C520
Status: Amatuer

The Official Website of The Peak:

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