UFO at Bagan Lalang

The Story:
About 4-5 years ago, the weird sky formation is really attracted me to take the photos of it. My actual mission on that day is to take the sunset photography, but the result is very disappointing. There is no beautiful sunset on that day. When I was on the way back home, I saw something that looked very attractive. The sky formation is a bit funny. I quickly took out my camera from my bag and snapped a few photos. Suddenly, I saw something came from the edge where the sun is set. The object is look very bright and floating toward the high altitude. It is not an aircraft for sure nor helicopter. Must be a lantern? I don’t think so, since lantern is in yelowish color and not pure white. After a while, the unidentified object is disappeared. In less than half and hour, the moon is set.

I’m not really sure what the thing is. I hope you guys can stand up your opinion about this phenomenon. Happy discussion!




Zoom In. OMG, what the fish is this thing?

Location: Bagan Lalang, Selangor
Time: 7.42pm – 7.46pm
Date: 31/07/2003 (Thursday)
Camera: Canon Digital Ixus v3
Photographer: POYOZER @ TOLANIC (n00b)

The Direction:

The sunset photography was taken before the phenomenon.




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24 thoughts on “UFO at Bagan Lalang

  1. @Zach: Owh ya, I forgot about that. I watched the documentary about lightning ball. Many people misunderstood that thing was UFO. Actually it’s a lightning ball. Until now, there is no proper explanation about Lightning Ball in science. From what I heard, “Lightning Ball” also can float from one place to another place.

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